For More Information regarding becoming a Carina e Carina stockist please contact :

David Godfrey   Managing Director      Carina e Carina Jewellery

Preferred Developments Ltd 94 Cleveland Street  London W1T 6NW   T: +44 (0) 207 388 7868  

M: +44 (0) 7785501042

E:  Skype: david.godfreyoffice

Trade Brochure

Where possible all our sales materials are supplied in a digital format.


We can supply personalised point of sale materials, these will be supplied at cost.


Hi Resolution Images can also be supplied for promotional purposes.


In terms of range, there are basically 4 Styles of Bracelets :

1. All Sterling Silver ( Available in 4 colours ).

2. Plaited Leather and Sterling Silver Ends

3. Double Leather and Sterling Silver Ends

4. Double Leather set with Stones and Sterling Silver Ends )


The Necklet Range consists of :

1. Sterling Silver ( Available in 4 colours )

2. Plaited Leather with Sterling Silver Ends


All Leather and Sterling Silver Products can be supplied as Leather and Stainless Steel


With the many colour variations in the leather collections the range comes to over 70 Bracelets and 24 Necklets


The precious spheres come in a number of 4 forms Swarovski Crystal, Natural Stone, Murano Glass and Handpainted enamel .


Creating a range of 250 beads to choose.


All beads are available in Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel. ( Metal Beads only available in Sterling Silver )

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